What Is Teen Patti? Rules To Play The Game With Friends

Teen Patti is a card game for two to eight players, which has been around since the 1800s. When it was first introduced, it was called “Indian Poker.” Teen Patti is an easy-to-learn and fun way to introduce your kids to Indian culture, while having some fun at the same time. 

A person who is planning to play teen Patti from the online store, must have the idea of the rules of 3 patti. Though the rules of the game are so simple that even a person who is the beginner in the world can play the game easily. He can learn the rules in the various languages to avoid any form of the confusion in the future that might affect their status.

While there are many variations of Teen Patti, this article will focus on what we know as Teen Patti. It’s important to note that all versions of the game have three basic rules: 

You can only play Teen Patti with people who also know how to play Teen Patti. 

The object of the game is to collect cards in your hand, and then get rid of them by playing them against someone else. 

When you’ve collected enough cards, you win the game! 

So let’s start out with some history about Teen Patti, starting with the origin of the name. 

What Is Teen Patti? 

As mentioned above, when the game was first introduced to America, it was called “Indian Poker.” This may seem odd, because it was originally invented in India by a man named Bishan Singh Brar. He was an engineer working in the British Empire, where he was tasked with creating games to help teach his workers new skills. He used a deck of cards for this purpose, but instead of using the standard suits (spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds) that most decks use today, his deck had four suits: red, green, black, and white. So, if you’re wondering why the game is called Teen Patti, it’s because the original name for the deck of cards was Teene Peen, or “Red Deck” in English. 

In the early 1900s, the game was brought to America by a German immigrant named Johann Kornhardt. In 1906, he published a book, The Art of Playing Games, which included instructions for several different games, including Teen Patti. 

Today, Teen Patti is primarily played in the United States. 

How To Play Teen Patti 

To learn how to play Teen Patti, you’ll need to understand the basics of poker, which is how the game works. You should familiarize yourself with the following poker terms before playing the game: 

Hold ’em –

If you hold a pair of cards like a pair of jacks or queens, you can play those cards against another player’s one-pair. Holding a singleton means that you don’t have any pairs in your hand. 

Blind –

A blind bet is usually put into the pot when no one has opened the betting round yet. 

Draw –

Also known as drawing down, to draw from the pot means you take money from the pot and add it to your hand. 

All in –

This means you show everyone in the game exactly what you have in your hand. 

Rakeback – Rakeback refers to a percentage of your bet added to the pot. For example, if you bet $50, the dealer would add 3% rakeback ($1). 

Play Money –

If you’re playing a game with friends or family members, you’ll probably want to make sure that they know that it’s just a practice session, and not real money. 

Game Rules Of Teen Patti 

Here are the basic game rules of Teen Patti: 

  • Each player gets seven cards. 
  • No player can see their own cards. 
  • If a player thinks that their opponent is holding a higher hand than they do, they must call “pattie,” meaning “cheat.” This is just a form of bluffing to scare your opponent into folding. However, if you are right, then you win the pot. 
  • You lose the pot if you get “pattied” by calling “pattie,” meaning “cheat.” 
  • You lose the pot if you play more than 2 cards on the turn. 
  • You lose the pot if you play more than 1 card on the river. 
  • The player who bets last wins the pot. 

How To Play With Friends 

Playing with friends can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t done it before. Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Before the game begins, ask each person who’s going to be involved in the game to agree on the stakes. 
  • Have each person pick their favorite suit, so they can quickly identify the color of the cards they hold. 
  • If you’re playing with more than 6 people, have everyone split the pot evenly. 
  • If you’re playing online, try to find a game with other players from around the world. 

Remember that you can always change the rules after the fact, so feel free to experiment with different strategies. Just remember that if you cheat, the whole game changes! 

It’s All In Your Hand 

Now that you know how to play Teen Patti, it’s time to dive into the actual gameplay. If you’re looking for a game to play with your friends, you’ve come to the right place. 

First, let’s talk about the best places to find a group of people to play with. One of the best ways to find people to play with is through social media. Facebook groups are great for finding players near you, as well as people who live close by. Another option is to look through your local paper, or even Craigslist, and search for people who are looking to play a game of Teen Patti. 

Once you’ve found a few people to play with, set up a time and place to meet up. Before heading over, make sure that you bring snacks and drinks, and that you’re prepared for a long night of playing games. 

After you arrive at your destination, you’ll need to decide on a method of determining the winner. There are lots of different options here, ranging from the traditional “heads-up” style of playing, to the newer “passed out” method of winning. 

Another thing to consider is the age of your opponents. If you’re playing with a bunch of adults, this might be a good idea. But if you’re playing with kids, you’ll want to think about how much they understand about the game, and how much experience they have. Keep in mind that kids usually don’t have the patience required to sit through a full game of Teen Patti. 

Finally, once you’ve decided on a method for deciding the winner, you’ll need to pick a method of paying out the prize. Again, there are a lot of different options here, ranging from giving everyone a cut of the pot, to splitting the pot equally among all participants.