The Various Poker Games

Aside from Texas Hold’em there are many other poker games available on 토토사이트 that casino lovers can play online. By playing the other types of games you can soon improve your game of Texas Hold’em. This article will take a further look into the other games available:

  1. 7 Card Stud

Before Texas Hold’em took a grip, seven-card poker was an extremely popular game and is still very popular on every Uk Poker Site. Seven-card studs can be played high/low or high only. Aside from the hand rankings, this game is an entirely different poker game.

Each player puts forward an ante and is then given 2 cards facing down and one card facing up. The player with the lowest card facing up must begin the hand by either betting or checking. Once a player bets, the remaining players need to call, raise or fold. A total of four bets are made per round (1 bet and 3 raises.)

Each player still remaining is dealt another card facing up. The player with the strongest hand begins the betting.

The hand continues in the same way until each player has six cards. The final seventh card is then dealt facing down and another round of betting takes place.

  1. 5 Card Stud

A five-card stud differs from a seven-card stud as two cards are given to each player; one facing up and one facing down. This is followed by a betting round. Once complete, another card facing up is dealt again betting follows. The same procedure applies to the fourth card. However, the fifth card is given face down and the last round of betting takes place.

  1. Omaha

Initially, Omaha seems very similar to Texas Hold’em in that players get four cards rather than two and players need to use two cards from their hands. It is these simple rules that make Omaha a completely different game to Texas Hold’em, as the amount of drawing possibilities is huge. The game can be played in high/low or high hand only. Omaha is often regarded as a better game than Texas Hold’em as it is the player with the better hand that wins the pot.

  1. Draw

The draw is the simplest form of poker. It is the player to the left of the dealer who puts forward the small blind and the player second to the left who puts forwards the big blind. Every player is given five cards followed by a betting round. Once the betting round is complete, players can opt to dispose of 0-5 cards. Another betting round takes place, it is the player whose bet is called that shows their hand.

  1. Razz

In Razz you players are trying to get the lowest hand. This is; A-2-3-4-5. The ace is regarded as a low card in Razz