The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino

The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio The Bank is the featured club at the Bellagio and is just an average Vegas club you’d come to expect. Since the Bellagio is one of the top hotels on the Vegas strip, you’d expect a little more from their club scene then what The Bank actually has to offer. First, the line to get it is more like a mob pit of people clawing their way into the club or trying to get the attention of the bouncer reminds me of the mosh pit that happens at Prive nightclub every night. There is no designated line and seems completely unorganized. Ladies make sure you look like a complete knock-out or at least a friend that could pass as Megan Fox since the bouncers really enjoy plucking out hot girls from the mob scene and letting them pass through without a problem, no cover charge. Once you get passed the line you make your way up an escalator to the main club area and then you get to the main area of the club in the way back left corner. It’s kinda tricky to figure out where you are going since the club is designed as a rectangle but a bit more complicated then it should be. This is why you can learn all the amazing tips and hack from situs poker online that will help you in getting inside these casinos and impress other players there. 

The dance area is on the very bottom floor; there are three floors and is small and most of the time like a typical Vegas club there is no room to dance. Every 15 minutes or some they have foam/bubbles and confetti coming out from under the ceilings which got annoying at some point during the night, maybe if they didn’t do that so frequently it would have been cool. The décor of the club is dark with sparkly gold accents and it makes you feel like you need Bank to actually feel comfortable here. Although the bartenders were very nice to us and it wasn’t too difficult or too long of a wait to get a drink at the bar, the drinks were just way too expensive even by Vegas standards. A shot of patron cost $15 for one, and that’s just one shot.

If you want to end up getting bottle service the tables are right on the dance floor with nothing but a velvet rope to keep you and the party separated from the crowd on the dance floor. This was annoying given that there were just random girls constantly trying to get behind the rope and pretend that they were part of our group, but the bouncers took care of that quickly. Although it still kept happening all night long, it was nice to be able to have your own dance area on the actual dance floor. The bottle service was expensive compared to other bottle services so I suggest taking it somewhere else.

Thursday is the night ladies you want to be here since ladies drink for free until 1 am which given how expensive drinks are is a really big plus here. The music here is something to be desired as it is mostly techno/house so if you don’t enjoy that type of music then I wouldn’t come here because it is blasted throughout the nightclub to a point where you think your ears are going to fall off. Again this a high-end club for big spenders and unless you get bottle-service this might not be the place to go if you want to really let loose and party it up hardcore. It’s most definitely a club that you have to dress to impress if you want to get in, so ladies if you don’t want to pay cover and skip the ridiculous line make sure you really bust it out.