Playing The Euromillions Lottery

Citizens of Europe seeking fun, fun, and more fun could play this lottery game! EuroMillions is excellent entertainment and so easy to participate in: It’s so easy to participate and all that is required, is to pick out five main lottery numbers from one to fifty and two Lucky-Star numbers starting from 1 to 9. Participants have to be 18 or above (16 if living in the UK) to take part. On That Point, there is a 1 in 24 chance of gaining a prize. Likewise, the top prize is scooped if every five main lottery numbers plus both “lucky-star” winning numbers are matched JACKPOT! If you are looking for traditional casino games then there’s slot online indonesia that you can choose over Euromillions. 

When Did the Euro Millions Start?

In 2004 this euro lottery was originally launched in Spain, France plus the UK with Camelot on Fri Feb 13th, 2004. The first lottery draw was held in Paris and 6 further European lotteries were added to the mix. As follows – Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Portugal on October 06 to make the 9 lotto participating nations we see now. This makes the EuroMillions one of the biggest lotteries on the planet and no doubt one of the most exciting too! The lotto tickets are 2 per row plus prizes (not including the jackpot) are equated and circulated corresponding to the number of participants as per country.

Why Should You Play This Euro Lotto?

And so, why should you take part in the Euromillions? Well, because it benefits not merely the players but also the participating countries as well! 50% of the capital goes back to the winners and an enormous 28% of the lottery winning goes back to the participating states for their respective charities, which are determined by the respective governments. It’s for a good cause as well! Why not have fun and help make a difference.

Buying Euro Millions Lottery Tickets.

To play, the player can log in to the official EuroMillions internet site or go to any lotto terminal in person. It is likewise possible to log in to the authorized state website to buy them plus lots of other lotto tickets. These internet sites have details on how to receive the lotto tickets plus offer custom lotto news plus most often these tickets could be purchased on-line and so, a lot state lottos can be played from home.