New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

Nostalgia can only take a game so far, but the sheer fun is what brings it home. Sure, playing this game took me back to playing the original NES games when I was a wee lad; same game play, ect, but I’m almost positive that I would find New Super Mario Bros. Wii a blast if I’d never had any inkling of what the plumbing siblings from Brooklyn were all about. Make no mistake, Mario has been a fixture in gaming for eons and its not because of the mustache (though let’s be honest, the mustache doesn’t hurt), it’s because they are consistently top quality games. This one is no different. From the vibrant graphics and colors to the familiar and effective game play, this game is very addictive. The level design is most excellent as I entered each world wondering what other kind of wacky situations the game designers could possibly get the Mario Bros. and their Toad pals into and was never let down. Yes, there are difficult levels. It might take a few frustrating tries to get some levels figured out, but once you do and conquer that bad boy, it is immensely satisfying. This is simply the Mario Way.
And multiplayer, ah yes, multiplayer. What a wonderful creation that has been. There’s nothing more fun than sitting down with a buddy and plowing through a rousing game of Mario Bros. And at the same time, there’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down with a buddy (or significant other) and dying your way through Mario Bros. Just a word to the wise; if you head into a game with someone with a few less years of experience at the joystick, go with patience. Loads of patience. I’d hate to see good marriages break up over a mustached plumber in red overalls. To be fair though, once I changed my mindset from “go in to win!” to “let’s just have some fun”, playing with the wife was indeed fun.

It’s cool that the game lets you use the controller like an old school NES controller, but this too can have frustrations which can be reduced after seeing the method obtaining factors of situs online casino terpercaya for the better gaming sequences. Maybe I’m just not as nimble with the fingers as I used to be or I’ve grown more accustomed to analog sticks, but the D-Pad feels a little small and it can be annoying when trying to hit the “down” button and going sideways or vice-versa. Just a minor quibble though that doesn’t take away from the fact that this game is just sheer fun for the whole family.

How it compares to other modern Mario games just varies on your mileage, I suppose. I think I may find Mario Galaxy a bit more fun, but the wife definitely prefers good ol’ Side Scroller Mario. In the end, for me, just give me a fun game with that crazy plumber in the tripped out Mushroom Kingdom, and I’m sure I can find a reason to play.