Casinos Yes and No

An initiative to allow a casino in Oxford County, Maine, will appear on the ballot, if not approved by the legislature. State Matthew Dunlap announced today that he had verified petition signatures for the initiative. Lewiston residents will have a chance to vote on a casino coming to Bates Mill No. 5 this June. With the expansion of gambling once again on voters minds, Casinos No will be gearing up to fight these proposals. In a press release this morning, Casinos No released statements of several gubernatorial candidates on casino expansion in Maine. Most of the candidates say, “no thanks”.Governor Baldacci has opposed casino expansion, as didAngus King and John McKernan. As the press release says, our next governor could be influential on future casino policy in Maine. When asked at the AGC debate the candidates gave the following answers:


  • Pat McGowan: No
  • Libby Mitchell:Yes
  • John Richardson: Yes
  • Steve Rowe: No
  • Rosa Scarcelli: No


  • Steve Abbott: Yes
  • Bill Beardsley: No
  • Matt Jacobson: Yes
  • Paul LePage: No
  • Peter Mills: No
  • Les Otten: Yes
  • Bruce Poliquin: No
  • Independents
  • Eliot Cutler: No

Eight candidates out of thirteen were against casinos in Maine. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans leaned toward supporting casino growth. This shows gambling in Maine is not necessarily a partisan issue.

Gambling has never really been a partisan issue to be honest as this is purely a form of entertainment where you simply try out your luck through a shot in the dark which is why Poker and blackjack are quite popular.

As with other issues discussed at the debate, one word is not really enough to articulate a position on gambling. Casinos No asked the candidates to expand on their positions. Steve Rowe said, “Casinos might look like an appealing solution to a depressed economy, but they generally cost all taxpayers more in the long run.” Rowe also worried that the addition of casinos to Maine would ruin it’s image to tourists. Rosa Scarcelli echoed Rowe’s sentiments saying, “Casinos, slot machines and other gambling operations threaten to cheapen Maine’s timeless image and brand.” Libby Michell explained her “yes” in the AGC debate by saying, “I have consistently supported the casino proposals offered by Maine’s tribes, respecting their right to determine what is appropriate economic development.” Mitchell went on to say that she opposes casino and racino expansion and would not support the Oxford casino. Pat McGowan and John Richardson did not respond to Casinos No’s questionnaire. They did site McGowan as being against casinos for economic reasons. Richardson was, “open to the idea”.

Both Peter Mills and Bruce Poliquin rejected the idea of casinos in Maine. In a responses similar to that of Rowe and Scarcelli, Mills said, “I want to promote tourism and economic development in ways that are far more productive and directly beneficial to Maine citizens.” Poliquin said, “I personally believe there is a better way to improve our economy than through the addition of casinos. Tourism is our largest industry and we must be careful to protect our brand.” He would respect a communities wishes if they voted in favor of a casino. Les Otten donated $2,000 to Casinos No in the 2008. In light of this, one would think he would want to explain his AGC answer a little further.* Eliot Cutler was the only other candidate to have recently donated to Casinos No, giving $7,000 during 2002-2003.

Steve Abbott stated that casinos were, “not a critical part of [his] economic strategy”, but that he would leave decisions to expand gambling up to communities. Abbott said,”If the people living in a town vote in favor of bringing a casino or racino to their town – and they are able to get the approvals needed either through the legislative or the Citizens Initiative process, their wishes should be heeded.” Paul LePage wished to look into the issue further before stating his position. “As Governor, I believe it is important that he/she never make decisions not based solely on personal biases, but rather on what is good for the people of Maine,” Lepage told Casinos No. Unlike many of his competitors, LePage stated that, “If Maine wants to be a tourist state…then you gotta have gambling.”

Eliot Cutler expressed concerns about where gambling money would go. “My campaign is all about helping to create productive, sustainable economic activity in our state,” Cutler said. “Gambling doesn’t contribute to that. Most of the excessive profits from gambling go out of state, and the people who stand to lose the most money are Maine citizens, not visitors.” Cutler definitely rejected the notion of casino expansion in Maine saying, if he were governor, he would veto any proposal that crossed his desk.

Despite rejecting casinos at the polls a number of times, various groups continue to bring proposals for expansion of gambling. Casinos No continues to fight any further casino growth in Maine. One has to wonder if voters will ever warm to the idea. If voters were presented with an equitable casino proposal, one that benefited the state in terms of jobs and revenue, would they finally say yes? Without a doubt, this zombie issue will keep popping up in Maine. Casino proponents will continue to raise the issue until they have a good proposal or voters just give in. Some advice to Casinos No; aim for the head.

* We contacted Les Otten for a statement, but he did not reply in time for this post. If he does, we will be sure to let you know.

UPDATE: A response from the Otten campaign:

Les does support casinos in Maine as long as the enabling legislation is well written, the laws and regulations are vetted and understood, as long as the casino is managed by a Maine Company and the monies stay in the state, and as long as the casino is not just a ‘stand alone’ – it must be part of a larger resort destination to boost tourism in Maine.

Les supported CasinosNo! in their efforts to defeat the Sanford Casino and the Rumford Casino, since we all know both those pieces of legislation were poorly written and were flawed so badly that they would not have benefitted the state of Maine or the citizens of Maine at all.

What common casino gambling mistakes to be avoided?

It is due to some common mistakes or errors for which all gamblers do not come out as winners. Therefore, if you want to become a successful gambler online then in that case you should concentrate in identifying and rectifying the common mistakes done in online gambling.

Five key mistakes in casino gambling

  1. Betting with a higher amount can be quite risky especially for beginners. Therefore, you are requested stating the game with short amounts so that the loss does not affect you much. On the other hand, bankroll-management tactics need to be followed for controlling over-spending of money. Smart bets can also be learnt from near-algorithm match and by setting a proper per-wager limit. 
  2. Gaming rules should be studied very well before you get into the process of gambling. At least, the gameplay adversities can be properly understood. The system allowing gaming outcome alteration should be essentially avoided. 
  3. If you are not in a good mood or state of mind then you should leave the decision of playing the game of gambling at online casinos. This is because your emotions might deprive you taking the right decision at the right moment as a result of which you might lose the game.
  4. It would be quite a foolish move to assume from the very beginning that you are certainly going to win money. This kind of attitude is completely against the standard gambling etiquettes. 
  5. Do concentrate on your game while you re gambling doing other activities along with the game playing can make you encounter acute loss and then you cannot blame on anybody else. 

It is better taking some potential advices from any experienced gambler who has been playing the game for long. He will tell you some unique kind of tricks that are not even available in any guide book.  Www ufabet com is the best site of playing casino games online.

Gambling Addiction: A Gambler’s Story

Michelle had always considered herself a lucky woman. She was married into a wealthy and highly respected family. She had two wonderful kids and a husband who loved her dearly. Her favorite hobby was gardening. She actually owned a flower shop, located not too far away from her home.

Yet, Michelle’s perfect life had been showing a few significant cracks. Her husband was a businessman who often left home for long business trips. Rumors had been circulating that he was having an affair with a flight attendant. Despite the rumors, Michelle had complete confidence in her husband’s faithfulness; they had gone through so much together.

During a trip to the mall, Michelle ran into Jennifer-an old friend from college who recently moved into town. Their friendship quickly rekindled and they became the best of friends. It was through Jennifer that Michelle had her first casino experience. The experience was pretty forgettable, however.

Quite simply because it did not involve any big game and was simply limited to situs poker online without having to go for blackjack and Russian roulette, which are considered the ultimate in gambling.

When Michelle’s mother-in-law celebrated her 60th birthday, she threw a huge birthday bash inviting all her friends and relatives to attend. However, Michelle was not invited to the party. Michelle and her mother-in-law had always had a tumultuous relationship. In fact, the old lady had never publicly recognized Michelle as her daughter-in-law. But since her husband insisted that she should attend the party, Michelle reluctantly agreed.

It turned out that the decision was a grave mistake. Most people at the party showed an apparent aversion towards her. No one would talk to her or would even acknowledge her existence. She felt like an outsider. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law was busy introducing her son to some of her young female friends. Nothing could be more obvious.

After the birthday party, Michelle began to suffer from an acute depression. Sadly, her husband had to leave home once again for another business trip and thus was unable to console her. Michelle was confined to her large but empty home-lonely and isolated. Fortunately, her good friend Jennifer was once again there for her. Michelle was able to confide to her friend her deepest feelings and frustrations. To help relieving Michelle from her emotional problems, Jennifer would once again take her to the casino. Unlike the first time, Michelle felt much more comfortable this time around. The casino would eventually become her second home.

At first, Michelle actually won quite a bit of money. It would go downhill from there, however. She soon exhausted all her funds and savings. To settle her debts, Michelle was forced to mortgage both her car and the flower shop. Soon, she had to sell off all her jewelries.

At first, her husband didn’t suspect her of having serious gambling addiction. Over time, it would become obvious. When Michelle’s husband confronted her with regards to her gambling, she pleaded him for forgiveness and promised to stop gambling. Her husband took her at her words. In fact, he even settled all her debts.

For a few months, it would appear as though Michelle had finally learned her lesson. She became a mother to her kids again, and her flower shop thrived. But on one fateful afternoon, Michelle left home abruptly after receiving a phone call from Jennifer. After not hearing from her for about several hours, Michelle’s husband and her two kids were getting really worried about her. They contacted the police and stayed up late to wait for any news regarding her whereabouts.

At around 4 A.M., there was a sound at the door; entering was Michelle. Upon seeing her, her husband did not say a word. Her tired appearance had already betrayed her. The couple would divorce a month later. The husband sold the house and gave Michelle haft of the proceeds.

Has she finally learned her lesson? Michelle was last seen in a hospital recuperating from a severe fatigue, resulted from spending too many hours gambling.

An Ultimate Guidance For Becoming A Pro Player At Texas Hold ‘Em!

If you are interested in playing poker games and becoming a pro player, then it is highly important for you to render up all the rules before starting the match. If you want to consider situs judi online, then it is beneficial for you because here you will get different and some exciting games for playing casino and poker games. It is very interesting as well as exciting for playing poker games because you can choose any game according to your choice. Here players will get different games, and they can opt for any game easily. Go through some tips which are listed in the lower section, which will help you to become a pro player at Texas Holdem. 

We all know that playing like a professional and act like a professional are two different things. If you are excited about playing gambling games, then it is important for you to build and make your own strategies. As a reason, it will help you to play the game and winning also.

  1. For becoming a professional player, you need to practice a lot. As a reason, rendering the tips and tricks is not easy. You can only learn them by playing gambling games.
  2. If you want to play in Texas Holdem, then it is important for you to be in senses and try to avoid drinks out there. As a reason, it may distract you from playing poker games, so try to avoid it.
  3. You need to consider the entire thing wisely, such as the actions and moves of your opponent. As a reason, it plays a very important role in managing things accurately. 

All the things and ways for becoming a professional player at Texas Holdem are listed on the above section so that it will help you to play the game. 

Outs and Odds – Basic Calculation to Win at Poker

Many times we are in doubt as to play or fold a hand in poker. Through a simple calculation, it is possible to estimate their chances of winning.

The calculation is based on counting the cards in the deck, and calculate the chances of them coming up until river. To calculate the percentage of chances, we will use the rule of “4 and 2”. This value is not accurate, because we are not considering the chances of one of his outs are with one of his opponents

If the turn is not shown yet, you multiply your outs by 4. If the turn has been shown, but not the river, you multiply your outs by 2. The result is the estimated percentage of you complete your hand.

The calculations made have to be accurate with no room for mistakes based on the turn because poker is not your regular bandarq online, where the points and numbers can be taken casually but simply keeping all the 2s and 4s in an orderly space where folding the hand is a must.

See examples:

(Note: c = clubs, d = diamonds, h = hearts = s = spades):

Exemple 1

  • You have: 4c 5c.
  • In the flop: 3c 6h Qs

In this case you have an OESD (open ended straight draw). If the flop comes up to a 2 or 7 (outs), you will have a strong hand (straight). In the deck, we have 2c, 2d, 2h, 2s, 7c, 7d, 7h, and 7s, total of eight outs.

  • In the turn, 4 x 8 outs = 32% of chance to complete your hand.
  • In the river, 2 x 8 outs = 16% of chances to compelte your hand.

Exemple 2

  • You have: 4c 5c.
  • In the flop: 3c 6c Kd

In this case we have a hand with more chances to form, because besides the OESD, we have a flush draw, where any card of clubs will give you a flush. In the dack, we have all card of other clubs (A, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K) and the cards to complete your straight (2d, 2h, 2s, 7d, 7h, 7s). Note that the cards of clubs have already been counted for the flush draw, so we deduct the OESD, total of 15 outs.

  • In the turn, 4 x 15 outs = 60% of chance to complete your hand.
  • In the river, 2 x 15 outs = 30% of chance to complete your hand.

Important to consider the possibility of profit with their chances of winning. If there is small pot, we play the hand with the best chance of winning. If the chances are small, sometimes you need to fold, because it will not be profitable.

With these concepts you will get good returns in the long term. Enjoy!

Best Shooters on Xbox Live Arcade

Here’s a list of best shooter games that you will find on Xbox. On Agen Poker Vy you will find a list of the best arcade and card games that you can enjoy on your Xbox or online. 

Ikaruga (Treasure) – In a genre of games that are generally considered to be gruelingly difficult, Ikaruga is heralded for being one of the most difficult shooters ever made. In some ways, the game plays just like a standard shooter. A ship with a forward-firing weapon is piloted through auto-scrolling space. Space is filled to bursting with alien ships firing a veritable deluge of weapon fire. Where the game differs from the standard shooter is that it is actually impossible to dodge all of the enemy weapon fire. Instead, enemy shots are either black or white and the ship can change colors rapidly. Only shots of the opposite color can kill the ship. Rapidly switching color is a necessary skill to survive levels and that skill needs to be perfected to face one of the enormous screen-filling, rapid-firing bosses. The game is a true test of skill that will appeal to retro gamers.

Rez HD (Q Entertainment) –

Rez HD is a rail shooter with a twist. The game Tron style graphics with intricate backdrops and a techno-beat that perfectly matches the rhythm of combat, the game is an experiment in synesthesia. The experiment was a success as the game is incredibly addictive to play. The XBLA version does not come with the Trance Vibrator accessory of the original, though this feature can be duplicated with an extra controller, adding a physical stimulus to the game as well. The game is actually just a straight port of the original, though modified to take advantage of the HD technology that has been developed since then.

R-Type Dimensions (Tozai) –

The R-Type series is generally considered to be the standard by which all other shooters are judged. Featuring fast, frantic gameplay, and a plethora of special weapons, the games manage to be exciting and fun despite being frustratingly difficult. Gameplay for the series is roughly the same in every single game and even boss battles, though different, feature generally similar gameplay. As such, gamers can enjoy the powerful gameplay of this class series by downloading the XBLA version of the game for ½ to ¼ the cost of purchasing any of the more modern sequels in the series.

The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino

The Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio The Bank is the featured club at the Bellagio and is just an average Vegas club you’d come to expect. Since the Bellagio is one of the top hotels on the Vegas strip, you’d expect a little more from their club scene then what The Bank actually has to offer. First, the line to get it is more like a mob pit of people clawing their way into the club or trying to get the attention of the bouncer reminds me of the mosh pit that happens at Prive nightclub every night. There is no designated line and seems completely unorganized. Ladies make sure you look like a complete knock-out or at least a friend that could pass as Megan Fox since the bouncers really enjoy plucking out hot girls from the mob scene and letting them pass through without a problem, no cover charge. Once you get passed the line you make your way up an escalator to the main club area and then you get to the main area of the club in the way back left corner. It’s kinda tricky to figure out where you are going since the club is designed as a rectangle but a bit more complicated then it should be. This is why you can learn all the amazing tips and hack from situs poker online that will help you in getting inside these casinos and impress other players there. 

The dance area is on the very bottom floor; there are three floors and is small and most of the time like a typical Vegas club there is no room to dance. Every 15 minutes or some they have foam/bubbles and confetti coming out from under the ceilings which got annoying at some point during the night, maybe if they didn’t do that so frequently it would have been cool. The décor of the club is dark with sparkly gold accents and it makes you feel like you need Bank to actually feel comfortable here. Although the bartenders were very nice to us and it wasn’t too difficult or too long of a wait to get a drink at the bar, the drinks were just way too expensive even by Vegas standards. A shot of patron cost $15 for one, and that’s just one shot.

If you want to end up getting bottle service the tables are right on the dance floor with nothing but a velvet rope to keep you and the party separated from the crowd on the dance floor. This was annoying given that there were just random girls constantly trying to get behind the rope and pretend that they were part of our group, but the bouncers took care of that quickly. Although it still kept happening all night long, it was nice to be able to have your own dance area on the actual dance floor. The bottle service was expensive compared to other bottle services so I suggest taking it somewhere else.

Thursday is the night ladies you want to be here since ladies drink for free until 1 am which given how expensive drinks are is a really big plus here. The music here is something to be desired as it is mostly techno/house so if you don’t enjoy that type of music then I wouldn’t come here because it is blasted throughout the nightclub to a point where you think your ears are going to fall off. Again this a high-end club for big spenders and unless you get bottle-service this might not be the place to go if you want to really let loose and party it up hardcore. It’s most definitely a club that you have to dress to impress if you want to get in, so ladies if you don’t want to pay cover and skip the ridiculous line make sure you really bust it out.

Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island: Review

When people think of New England casinos, two usually come to mind, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. While those two are some of the biggest in the world, there is a smaller casino nearby that provides great entertainment, gambling, food, and a live race tracks. Twin River in Lincoln, Rhode Island is a short drive for many New Englanders and a lot of fun.

One of the main attractions at Twin River is the use of the live race track. There are over one hundred different betting terminals that allow you to gamble on live track bets that are hosted there or among thousands of others being run across the United States daily. You can bet as low as a dollar and high rollers can spend a lot too. It is a lot more fun and exciting to watch the live races in person, adding much more to your visit.

Other than the live betting and betting on other races, Twin River is home to over 4,000 slot machines. There are traditional slot machines that feature the three wheels along with newer video machines like the Deal or No Deal slot machines.

Prices vary here too, with penny slots to slots that are over five dollars. You can spend a lot of time looking around and playing the different machines and even come out with more money than you came in with.

When you want a break from the gambling, Twin River offers a lot of different options with one of best being dining. There are several different restaurants located at Twin River including Johnny Rockets, Fado, and Carmine’s Italian Restaurant. Carmine’s offers huge platter meals to serve groups and one of their best dishes is the sausage and ziti. It is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy sauce and sausage that will make you want a lot more and because of the big servings, there is plenty to eat.

There is also a full buffet located at Twin River called the Twin Hearth Buffet because they haven’t participated in the 먹튀검증 game contest which is necessity if any one wants to have these kinds of services. This buffet offers a great selection of food, and the trays are updated often so you will always get fresh food. This is best place to get your money’s worth as well, so check out the buffet before choosing to eat anywhere else.

Twin River also offers great entertainment. While they do not have an arena like Mohegan Sun, Twin River provides a more intimate venue for acts like popular bands and comedians. Their schedule is constantly changing, but you will be sure to find something you enjoy at some point.

Twin River offers a lot for a small casino, and for residents waiting to become 21 to gamble at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, they can experience the excitement and fun a little younger because Twin River is 18+ to enter and gamble. You could spend a lot of time exploring the slots, watching the races, or enjoying the shows at this excellent casino.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

Nostalgia can only take a game so far, but the sheer fun is what brings it home. Sure, playing this game took me back to playing the original NES games when I was a wee lad; same game play, ect, but I’m almost positive that I would find New Super Mario Bros. Wii a blast if I’d never had any inkling of what the plumbing siblings from Brooklyn were all about. Make no mistake, Mario has been a fixture in gaming for eons and its not because of the mustache (though let’s be honest, the mustache doesn’t hurt), it’s because they are consistently top quality games. This one is no different. From the vibrant graphics and colors to the familiar and effective game play, this game is very addictive. The level design is most excellent as I entered each world wondering what other kind of wacky situations the game designers could possibly get the Mario Bros. and their Toad pals into and was never let down. Yes, there are difficult levels. It might take a few frustrating tries to get some levels figured out, but once you do and conquer that bad boy, it is immensely satisfying. This is simply the Mario Way.
And multiplayer, ah yes, multiplayer. What a wonderful creation that has been. There’s nothing more fun than sitting down with a buddy and plowing through a rousing game of Mario Bros. And at the same time, there’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down with a buddy (or significant other) and dying your way through Mario Bros. Just a word to the wise; if you head into a game with someone with a few less years of experience at the joystick, go with patience. Loads of patience. I’d hate to see good marriages break up over a mustached plumber in red overalls. To be fair though, once I changed my mindset from “go in to win!” to “let’s just have some fun”, playing with the wife was indeed fun.

It’s cool that the game lets you use the controller like an old school NES controller, but this too can have frustrations which can be reduced after seeing the method obtaining factors of situs online casino terpercaya for the better gaming sequences. Maybe I’m just not as nimble with the fingers as I used to be or I’ve grown more accustomed to analog sticks, but the D-Pad feels a little small and it can be annoying when trying to hit the “down” button and going sideways or vice-versa. Just a minor quibble though that doesn’t take away from the fact that this game is just sheer fun for the whole family.

How it compares to other modern Mario games just varies on your mileage, I suppose. I think I may find Mario Galaxy a bit more fun, but the wife definitely prefers good ol’ Side Scroller Mario. In the end, for me, just give me a fun game with that crazy plumber in the tripped out Mushroom Kingdom, and I’m sure I can find a reason to play.