Learn How To Get Advantage In Poker By Studying Your Opponents Body Language

Body language is the best way to get an advantage and earn some money in poker. By reading your opponent’s body gestures you can easily tell what he has. Body language is not regarded as “poker cheating” and there are several poker tips that you can use to get the advantage in poker games. But beware, cheating in poker is not allowed and this is not possible as you play w881 poker online. Body language is seen by the use of gestures, postures, position, and distances than by any other method. Body language was first used as a conversation capability in silent movies such as the Charlie Chaplin motion pictures.

Most of the body gestures in conversation are the same all over the world such as smiling when they are happy, frowning when they are sad, nodding the head for indicating yes or affirmation…There are some other gestures like the ring or OK gesture, the thumb up gesture, the V sign(two thumbs up). There are other gestures that you cant predict what is the meaning or it can mean a million things for illustration – scratching the head can mean: dandruff, fleas, sweating, uncertainty, forgetfulness, or lying…Other factors that are affecting interpretation are like: A man who has a dead fish handshake is accused of having a weak temperament but if a man has joint disease most likely he will use a ‘dead fish’ handshake to avoid the pain.

How obvious it looks and the speed of some gestures depends on the age of the person. For example, if a child who is five years old is telling a lie his brain is instructing his hands to cover up the mouth.

However there is a faking body language but in general, you can’t fake body language because the micro gestures will give you away. For example, when someone is honest his palms are open and he is smiling a lot, but when a faker does it his palms will be opened and he will be smiling but his eyebrow may lift of his mouth may twitch or something like that. More often than any other part of the body is used the face to cover up the lies. To attempt to cover up for the lies are used nods and winks, smiles, but unfortunately, the trough is told by the body. However, it is difficult to make fake body language for a long time but it is a good thing to learn and to use positive open gestures for communicating with others. The problem of telling a lie is that the subconscious mind is acting independently and automatically from the verbal lie and therefore the body is giving the lie away. And if you want to lie successfully, it is obvious that must have your body out of sight. The best of lying is over the phone.