In Poker Then You Are Usually Your Own Biggest Enemy

Poker is such a complex game that one of the biggest obstacles to a player making money isn’t the game itself or a bad technical game but the actual player themselves. There are so many factors to the game of poker that test an individual and there is one saying in the game and it is a saying that I first heard years ago and have never forgotten. That saying was “don’t become the leader of the gang that is out to get you”. The meaning behind that statement is obvious when you think about it. What it essentially means is that it is the player themselves who are the biggest enemy and your biggest enemy in the game is not your opponents around the table but the person that you see in the mirror.

Not many people realise this but winning a lot of money very quickly can end up having a negative effect. Novice players and even intermediate level players are the most vulnerable to this effect because they often do not see poker for what it really is. It is often said that experience is the true education when it comes to poker and not studying. I believe this to be largely true as there are so many factors that you absolutely need to be experienced in to really master the playing side of the game. But not really seeing poker for what it really is can be a huge reason as to why players tilt.

Poker is not a controlled game but a game that you can partly control. It is a bit like being the parent of a child. You can control their behaviour to a certain extent and what they do and how they behave in certain situations but you cannot be behind them all the time and so as a parent then you cannot control how your children behave at all times. Poker is like this and is a partly controlled game where you can control certain things but not others. However there are huge elements of poker that are chaotic and wildly chaotic at that. The casino online terpercaya is the best platform for the playing of online poker games. The selection of the right poker table is necessary to play the games. The number of bonuses and rewards is high to benefit the gamblers. The use of the right approach at online casino is necessary.

It is this part of the game that tilts players but this gets back to what I was saying about the player themselves being their biggest enemy because it is how you react to bad events that is the real issue here. Another huge factor in why some players lose is a temporary loss of focus. This has nothing

whatsoever to do with tilt but simply not concentrating. With every lapse of concentration then there is a loss of EV somewhere even though it is impossible to quantify. If it is just a simple one off then the damage is probably nothing to worry about.

However some players have huge issues with concentration and this is especially the case with regards to online poker. It is the mere act of playing poker on a screen instead of playing in a three dimensional live setting that causes this problem.