Gambling Addiction: A Gambler’s Story

Michelle had always considered herself a lucky woman. She was married into a wealthy and highly respected family. She had two wonderful kids and a husband who loved her dearly. Her favorite hobby was gardening. She actually owned a flower shop, located not too far away from her home.

Yet, Michelle’s perfect life had been showing a few significant cracks. Her husband was a businessman who often left home for long business trips. Rumors had been circulating that he was having an affair with a flight attendant. Despite the rumors, Michelle had complete confidence in her husband’s faithfulness; they had gone through so much together.

During a trip to the mall, Michelle ran into Jennifer-an old friend from college who recently moved into town. Their friendship quickly rekindled and they became the best of friends. It was through Jennifer that Michelle had her first casino experience. The experience was pretty forgettable, however.

Quite simply because it did not involve any big game and was simply limited to situs poker online without having to go for blackjack and Russian roulette, which are considered the ultimate in gambling.

When Michelle’s mother-in-law celebrated her 60th birthday, she threw a huge birthday bash inviting all her friends and relatives to attend. However, Michelle was not invited to the party. Michelle and her mother-in-law had always had a tumultuous relationship. In fact, the old lady had never publicly recognized Michelle as her daughter-in-law. But since her husband insisted that she should attend the party, Michelle reluctantly agreed.

It turned out that the decision was a grave mistake. Most people at the party showed an apparent aversion towards her. No one would talk to her or would even acknowledge her existence. She felt like an outsider. Meanwhile, her mother-in-law was busy introducing her son to some of her young female friends. Nothing could be more obvious.

After the birthday party, Michelle began to suffer from an acute depression. Sadly, her husband had to leave home once again for another business trip and thus was unable to console her. Michelle was confined to her large but empty home-lonely and isolated. Fortunately, her good friend Jennifer was once again there for her. Michelle was able to confide to her friend her deepest feelings and frustrations. To help relieving Michelle from her emotional problems, Jennifer would once again take her to the casino. Unlike the first time, Michelle felt much more comfortable this time around. The casino would eventually become her second home.

At first, Michelle actually won quite a bit of money. It would go downhill from there, however. She soon exhausted all her funds and savings. To settle her debts, Michelle was forced to mortgage both her car and the flower shop. Soon, she had to sell off all her jewelries.

At first, her husband didn’t suspect her of having serious gambling addiction. Over time, it would become obvious. When Michelle’s husband confronted her with regards to her gambling, she pleaded him for forgiveness and promised to stop gambling. Her husband took her at her words. In fact, he even settled all her debts.

For a few months, it would appear as though Michelle had finally learned her lesson. She became a mother to her kids again, and her flower shop thrived. But on one fateful afternoon, Michelle left home abruptly after receiving a phone call from Jennifer. After not hearing from her for about several hours, Michelle’s husband and her two kids were getting really worried about her. They contacted the police and stayed up late to wait for any news regarding her whereabouts.

At around 4 A.M., there was a sound at the door; entering was Michelle. Upon seeing her, her husband did not say a word. Her tired appearance had already betrayed her. The couple would divorce a month later. The husband sold the house and gave Michelle haft of the proceeds.

Has she finally learned her lesson? Michelle was last seen in a hospital recuperating from a severe fatigue, resulted from spending too many hours gambling.