Free Spins In Slots Their Functions And Capabilities

As a rule, in the video slot there is the possibility of free spin
(spin). Thus, the player will not bet, but he will still get paid. This
option is popular, and, among other things, it was used even in slot
games of the Soviet period.

So, free spin is a good opportunity for a player to get payments on the
back without investing money in the bet. The player can spend several
rounds of the game and become richer for a certain amount of money. That
is, in this case, the bet is made by the machine, and all costs are borne
by the casino. In most cases, the bet size is equal to the last one
dropped to the free spin, and the number of lines betting is determined
in a similar way.

Free spin is activated after appearance on the screen of special
characters – three or more. Anywhere on the drum lines there will be such
pictures or a sign of Scatter – and you are already lucky.

Sometimes you can get free spinning by accumulating some bonuses. So if
you play Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, then these bonuses will be four
bags of gold. Naturally, each machine puts its own conditions, the
fulfillment of which will give free rotation.

Regardless of how bored you are after a hectic match, additional bonus is
something that is enough to get the players begging for more as it acts
as the catalyst for raising the stakes to a whole new level where a mere
Bandar Judi Bola becomes an expectation where you get to enliven some new scores as Robin Hood is pretty
famous for the gold coins involved and once the conditions are fulfilled, the rotation rush has to be seen to be

Additional Features

Advantage for the players lies not only in free spins, but also in some
special features. And they are able to enrich much more significantly.

What are these features?

Is a wild symbol. Free spins give the symbol Wild more opportunities.
What exactly they will be depends on the particular gaming machine.
Sometimes while a series of free spins lasts, such symbols remain in
their places. In other cases, the Wild character is assigned to the whole
drum, while in the game they appear on the other two. If we consider the
possibilities of a wild symbol in the example of the Rango machine, then
there is a free rotation, one symbol doubles the bet, two – increase it 4
times, three – respectively, 8 times. In the game called Jack Hammer 2,
the wild symbol falls out instead of other images, and the Fire Flies
slot machine offers extended Wild players – it drops on the last three
lines in the reels.

– Multiplication of winnings with free rotation. Especially popular is
the option for free rotation, in which the payout increases in accordance
with the coefficient. So sometimes it can triple. Sometimes a special
round is used to calculate the increase in winnings, where it is also
determined how many payouts to expect the player. There are slot
machines, where the number of free spins is determined by the player
himself, he also decides what the payout ratio will be. And for some
machines with each next round, the payout multiplier grows. In both
cases, we are talking about the products of Net Entertainment.

– Non-standard solutions.

Many players appreciate the slots for the fact that sometimes you need to
make non-standard decisions – this makes a variety in the gameplay, and
the game itself becomes more enthralling. So, for example, the same
company Net Entertainment arrives, in the slots of which certain
combinations turn into profitable, so that the player gets a much larger
jackpot. Sometimes in the slots there are symbols Locked Wilds – they are
called by the appearance of two specific symbols. And sometimes it
happens that on the first drum there is a winning symbol, and the other
two are spinning – it’s about free spins.

This is not all interesting features that provide free rotation. There
are a lot of them – each slot manufacturer installs its own. Sometimes
themed slots use their symbols for an extra emphasis on the chosen topic.

We can talk a lot about the various features of each slot separately. But
it is much better to see once – try different kinds of yourself to decide
which one you like best and which is most understandable.