Best Shooters on Xbox Live Arcade

Here’s a list of best shooter games that you will find on Xbox. On Agen Poker Vy you will find a list of the best arcade and card games that you can enjoy on your Xbox or online. 

Ikaruga (Treasure) – In a genre of games that are generally considered to be gruelingly difficult, Ikaruga is heralded for being one of the most difficult shooters ever made. In some ways, the game plays just like a standard shooter. A ship with a forward-firing weapon is piloted through auto-scrolling space. Space is filled to bursting with alien ships firing a veritable deluge of weapon fire. Where the game differs from the standard shooter is that it is actually impossible to dodge all of the enemy weapon fire. Instead, enemy shots are either black or white and the ship can change colors rapidly. Only shots of the opposite color can kill the ship. Rapidly switching color is a necessary skill to survive levels and that skill needs to be perfected to face one of the enormous screen-filling, rapid-firing bosses. The game is a true test of skill that will appeal to retro gamers.

Rez HD (Q Entertainment) –

Rez HD is a rail shooter with a twist. The game Tron style graphics with intricate backdrops and a techno-beat that perfectly matches the rhythm of combat, the game is an experiment in synesthesia. The experiment was a success as the game is incredibly addictive to play. The XBLA version does not come with the Trance Vibrator accessory of the original, though this feature can be duplicated with an extra controller, adding a physical stimulus to the game as well. The game is actually just a straight port of the original, though modified to take advantage of the HD technology that has been developed since then.

R-Type Dimensions (Tozai) –

The R-Type series is generally considered to be the standard by which all other shooters are judged. Featuring fast, frantic gameplay, and a plethora of special weapons, the games manage to be exciting and fun despite being frustratingly difficult. Gameplay for the series is roughly the same in every single game and even boss battles, though different, feature generally similar gameplay. As such, gamers can enjoy the powerful gameplay of this class series by downloading the XBLA version of the game for ½ to ¼ the cost of purchasing any of the more modern sequels in the series.