A New Way Of Playing Poker Online

What is Full Tilt Rush Poker? Why are so many people talking about it? Could it make it easier to bring in more cash quicker or perhaps can it be even too dangerous for some? What makes http://lighttoto.com the best platform for playing poker online? In this article, we are going to tackle all these questions and provide the readers with the best possible answers.

What exactly is it?

Rush Poker is a new sort of online poker game taken to the market by Full Tilt, one of the biggest and most well-known poker rooms on the web.

Certainly, there already are poker versions available like Omaha and Seven Card Stud. So what on earth can make Rush Poker stand out?

Rush Poker is ordinary Texas Holdem, only that the games are over considerably more quickly. Typically if you fold early you are forced to wait for your hand to conclude before getting the opportunity to play once again.

With Rush Poker, there is not any such waiting around needed. You get moved to a new table instantly and start afresh hand.


The distinct benefit of Rush Poker is that you don’t need to wait to start a new hand. You can at once change to some other table with the mouse click.

Rush Poker is also best for the players who need momentum. A lot of poker players do not like waiting around to play again. Indeed, they should be hanging around and employing the time efficiently to watch their opponent’s styles and behaviors. However, for some players, those interruptions disturb their momentum and don’t permit them to capitalize on long winning streaks.


Because Rush Poker involves playing a good many more hands than usual for the same time, this means you can accelerate your poker progress. This is all well and good if you are winning. What might have formerly been a $100 profit in half an hour could possibly be transformed into a $300 profit instead.

Yet, the opposite can often happen. In case you are off your game and playing badly but hanging in there because you think you can change it around then you can very easily rack up substantial losses in a limited time. A proven way around this is to play the smaller tables but then you also give up your prospective profits. It is far better to keep self-discipline and to call it a day in case you start to see a losing streak emerging.

Another downside is that you are always moving tables so you aren’t getting to learn about other players’ behaviors as you might do using the conventional game. On the other hand, what I have discovered is that if you keep a keen eye out then you will identify other people that you have met previously – as everybody is frequently moving from one table to the next, it is inevitable that you will bump into each other soon again anyway.