A New Place To Use Your Poker Skills

Poker players on Situs Judi Bola Resmi enjoy their beloved game based on a variety of compelling characteristics – play strategy, the ability to keep up with cards, money management, skill in assessing other people’s play, and pure “moxie.”

There’s another game that has the same mental requirements, skill set, and excitement as “live” poker, but comes without the insulting jerk across the table or the goof who goes “all-in” on a deuce-seven offsuit. That game is video poker. While not as popular online, it is certainly exceptionally popular in casinos throughout North America, and with good reason. Video Poker is the only casino game where you can actually see the game’s return, or “price,” by simply looking at the pay table.

Video Poker is based on the same 52-card deck poker players already know (except for Joker Poker) and there are only so many card combinations possible, affording a player the ability to learn to play the game perfectly. As such, it is about the only machine-based product in a casino where you as a gambler can positively influence the outcome of your gamble. By simply using common sense based on card knowledge, or studying strategies widely available in print or online (often for free), you can extend the life of your gambling dollars – and often win casino comps while at it.

One of the best resources anywhere for learning to play video poker, or just having fun, is VideoPoker.com – a free, non-wagering website with over 235,000 members. The site is designed to provide players with a place to play all their favorite casino video poker games, learn strategy while playing, and communicate with video poker enthusiasts nationwide about games, casinos, deals, and opportunities. It is the only site where you can play REAL casino-style games for free, in a safe and 100 percent legal environment.

VideoPoker.com offers daily contests with cash and merchandise prizes and also offers a year-end “Tournament of Champions” with a chance to win a “Dream Vacation” to Vegas. The contests are all completely legal and are based on sweepstakes law, so players never have to fear any recrimination, monetary losses, or hassles from authority.

One great attribute of the site is that you can play lots of different games for free and when you find one you like, you can learn optimal play and then exploit that knowledge when visiting your favorite casino. Learning for free is always good. Another nice feature is that once you identify your favorite game, you can use the “Find-a-Game” tool to locate which casinos offer that particular game. The friendly chat feature, very active forum, private messaging, and live leaderboards provide a social aspect atypical of many sites.

The casino world has made huge signs of progress over the years, they deal with a lot of development in the technology aspect as well as in the entertainment aspect. They offer a wide range of entertainment like stand up comedy, singing, karaoke, dancers, strippers etc.